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Gives you diet charts for different ailment conditions . You can follow diet chart for a healthy and beautiful body. You can follow it for reducing weight also.

Diet to Control Gall Bladder Stone

03 May 2015

Gall stones are formed by high level of cholesterol, bilirubin , bile etc in the gall bladder. Cholesterol stones are very common.. Continue reading

Diet to Increase Weight During 9th month…

Instead of consuming three large meals eat smaller and more frequent meals . Try to have something every 2 hours .It will help you. Continue reading

How to Avoid Ebola by Diet

14 Oct 2014

The Ebola virus attacks immune cells and can cause the immune system to run out of control and release a storm of inflammatory molecules. Continue reading

Weight Loss Without Reducing Diet

Weight loss is a slow process . Fast weight loss is not good for your health because for fast weight loss your efforts could be unhealthy. Continue reading

Tips For Losing Weight

Limit your salt and sugar Use skimmed milk Avoid junk food Do not visit the restaurants frequently for eat outs. Continue reading

Diet in Insomnia

Experts says that Having carbohydrate rich snacks in night make you drowsy, but I will advise you to take only carbohydrate rich fruits. Continue reading

Diet for TB Patient

A healthy balanced diet can help prevent malnutrition . A diet for tuberculosis should not include foods that are tough to digest. Continue reading

Self management of acidity

Acidity or "Jalan" is linked to heartburn and formation of gas and bloating in the stomach. It is also called acid reflux. Continue reading

How to lose weight by diet

Have your last meal early. ┬ĚCalorie dense food like sweets, pastries, fried food should be avoided. Reduce fat from your food. Continue reading

Diet in chickenpox

10 Sep 2014

A chickenpox diet should be nutritious and balanced . In this homemade food are recommended. Healthy food will enhance the immune. Continue reading