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Diet Plan for a 10 year old child


How to maintain healthy weight of 10 year old child without Dieting

Just like with adult, weight loss goals in children should be attainable, allowing for normal growth. The goals should be small weight loss so that the child does not become discouraged or overwhelmed.

Children especially young children require proper nutrition daily to grow. Encourage your child to eat a variety of healthy foods throughout the day while boosting his daily calorie expenditure to gradually move toward a healthier weight. Girls ages 9-13 require 1600 to 2000 calories and boys ages 9-13 require 1800 to 2600 calories per day.

Food Diary – This should include not just the type and quantity of food eaten, rather it is useful in determining eating patterns and problem foods.

Diet Plan :

In Breakfast-  1 glass of milk ( fat free) + 2 home made wheat biscuits + 7-8 pieces of soaked almonds    OR

2 stuffed roti ( raddish, methi, dhaniya , palak, paneer etc.) .  For softness of Roti/Chapati  knead the flour with milk  and 1 medium Katori curd  OR

Veg omelette of 2 eggs(only white portion of egg) OR

Oats with milk and berries .

In Tiffin – stuffed paneer idli OR

Kathi roll

Brown rice pulav with lots of vegetables OR

Paneer sandwich (Brown or multigrain bread) OR

Brown rice poha with lots of vegetables OR

Upma with lots of vegetables

In Lunch- Any green vegetable 1 medium bowl + curd 1 medium bowl + chapatti 1-2 +salad 1 small katori   OR

 Rajmaa,chana or any types of beans or soya + 1medium bowl brown rice + 1 chapati + salad 1 katori

In evening – Dry fruits like soaked almonds 7-8 or 2 walnuts with 1 glass of milk OR  protein biscuits with milk

In dinner – Any vegetable 1 small bowl + paneer or any pulse 1 small bowl + chapati1-2.

Do not  be tempted to stray from your list to buy  e.g. the chips or sugary drinks/ cold drinks that are on sale. Involve your kids in the preparation of meals too.

Note- Encourage daily activity and limit sedentary activity such as watching TV . Whether its computer or video games – it should be not longer than 2 hours per day. It  helps encourage kids to get moving.

Get at least an hour of physical exercise daily.  More movement helps a kid use more calories and burn off body fat for energy.

Avoid full fat dairy products, fried or packaged food, sugary treat, white bread, soda etc . Better don’t stock it in your home and you will find less chances of kids eating it . Its ok to have slice of birthday cake once in a while but make healthy choices most of the time.

Avoid fake foods like chicken nuggets, cheese puffs , ready to eat noodles etc.  These are rarely healthy choices.

Drink water- Always drink at least 6-7 glasses of water a day. It can curb hunger too  thus keeping your stomach full.

Eat more smaller meals – so have breakfast , a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner all small of course.

Try to go to bed on a routine every day, even on weekends. While you are sleeping you are still burning calories.

Above all  teach your child a healthy life style by following that at home .




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