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Diet plan in typhoid


Typhoid results in gastrointestinal conditions and so it is important to follow a diet that contains food which are easy to digest. So the first requirement of any typhoid treatment plan is that all the included foods are mashed or at the least cooked properly until they are very soft.

Slightly overcooked rice along with yogurt should be included in a diet as rice contains a small amount of fiber that helps to regulate the digestive system while yogurt contains healthy cultures that reduce the severity of stomach flu.

-Avoid milk as it is tougher to digest and is likely to aggravate diarrhoea.

-Steamed fruits are good to take.

- Homemade vegetable soups are good to consume.

- Puddings, Porridge, Custard etc are good to take.

-Avoid high fiber foods such as cabbage, capsicum etc.

-A typical recovery diet plan can also include lentils , legumes and even cottage cheese in their diet .

-Avoid leafy vegetables, raw vegetables and fruits because they contain lot of fibers.

-Simple, cooked, soft and mashed fruits/vegetables without excessive fats and spices will help patient recover faster.

To Remember:

- Sufficient intake of fluids and salts should be ensured.

- Small meals should be given at frequent intervals.

Sample Diet Plan for Typhoid Recovery



Early Morning

Tea + Marie Biscuits


Porridge or Bambino Kheer or Sooji Roti(2 no.)


Khichri (Mixed with vegetable and curd)

Evening Tea

Bread Butter/Bread Jam


Vegetable soup+Boiled Rice + Washed Moong Dal

Bed time

Fruit Custard


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