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How to make perfect Haldi Milk


                       How to Make Perfect Haldi milk

Benefits of Haldi ( Turmeric)  milk :-

Turmeric offers many health benefits since it has both anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties. It is used to relieve swelling and pain.  So it is called natural aspirin in Ayurvedic medicine.

-         Acts as a antibiotic also.

-         Protects from cough, cold, headache.

-         It is very helpful for people having joint pains.

-         It helps in blood purification.

-         Helps to detoxify the liver.

-         Helpful in Alzheimer’s disease.

-         Prevents many types of cancer.

-         Easy menstrual cramps- Menstrual cramps are quite common during the first day of your period and also in case of delayed menstrual cycle. To ease this symptom drink turmeric milk on daily basis. It is a powerful antispasmodic agent.

-         Helps to sleep well – A glass of warm haldi milk one hour prior to sleep is highly beneficial.


Precautions  while using turmeric-

-Turmeric acts as a blood thinner so those who require surgery must stop taking any form of turmeric food or supplements a couple of weeks before surgery.

-Not suitable for pregnant woman because turmeric can stimulate the uterus and cause heavy menstrual flow. In such cases the risk of miscarriages increase.

Can also react with diabetic medication.

Just make sure that the turmeric you use is pure.


Method to make tasty & nutritious Haldi ( Turmeric)  Milk :-

Milk – 250 ml


Crushed haldi stick - ½ “ piece


Crushed white pepper(If not easily easily available then crushed black pepper is ok)- pinch


Crushed green cardamom -1


Sugar/ jiggery/honey-as per your choice


Crushed ginger(optional) – ½”piece


Mix all ingredients and boil it only for 5 minutes. Now cover the pan with lid for 30 minutes. The reason to leave it for 30 minutes is that all the ingredients will blend properly in milk. Sieve the mixture and now it is ready to drink . You can drink it in any form hot or cold. But its better to take it hot.


Tips :-

Do not boil milk for more than 5 minutes because more boiling will diminish the quality of milk.

If you want to add the honey ,then add it after boiling of milk.


Note- you can  use crushed ginger and crushed tulsi  leaves also during boiling of milk . It adds to its medicinal value and flavor also .


Question asked by many persons how much turmeric one should use?

If you do not want to use much ,try taking a little bit less, it would still be better than not taking at all.

If you do not have haldi stick you can use good brand haldi powder, as you know something is better than nothing.



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