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How To Prepare Soft And Spongy Plain Rava Idlis


How to Prepare Soft and Spongy Plain Rava Idlis ( Sooji Idlis)

Its not only healthy but also very easy to prepare .

Ingredients :-

16 tbs sooji

6 tbs curd (fresh)

2 tbs oil (refined oil)

1 tsp Eno (unflavoured)

Salt according to taste

Method :- Mix the curd in sooji , keep it aside for 20 minutes

After 20 minutes add oil  and salt to it.

Put the idli maker on gas stove , fill with water and let it boil .

In between Grease(Apply cooking oil)  the idli stand . When water starts boiling , add  one  tea spoon of Eno in batter and mix well with light hand .

The batter will become fluffy , now pour the batter with a serving spoon in the idli stand , cover the lid of idli maker ,after 20 minutes you will find the  fluffy Idlis .Let it cool for 5 minutes .

Now the idlis are ready to serve with coconut chutney or green chutney(mint and coriander)

Important points :-

Steam it on a medium flame

After adding  the Eno fruit salt in batter,  stir it well  and and immediately pour it into moulds . Otherwise idlis will not turn out fluffy and spongy

Do not use the flavoured eno like lemon pudina etc , as  you will get the flavour of lemon and pudina in idlis

Batter should be neither loose nor thick

Curd should not be sour

After mixing of curd in sooji , do not use the batter immediately  because rava takes 10 to 20 minutes to become soft which is compulsory for making soft idlis.

Use quantity of curd as mentioned  above . More curd will make them sticky

20 minute of steaming  is  enough . More time taken for steam will make the idlis dry.

Note: For stuffed idlis you can add any type of chopped vegetables ( carrot,capsicum ,coriander) and dry fruits(cashew, raisins) .  Before  trying stuffed idlis , you should be perfect in making plain idlis

So , friends be ready for your next  perfect idli cooking .  These tips will be very helpful to you.  Practice makes a person  perfect, don’t expect wonders in first go……

All the best!!!!


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