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Mix Veg Kanji Wala Pickle

22 Dec 2017

Traditional Mix Veg Kanji Wala Pickle

Stalks of cauliflower/phoolgobhi – 10 to 15

Turnip/shalgam (Sliced in large pieces) – 8 to 10 pieces

Bottle gourd/lauki (Sliced in large pieces) – 8 to 10 pieces

Carrot (Sliced in large pieces) – 7 to 8 pieces

Whole green chili – 5 to 6

Spices: -

Salt – 1 spoon

Red chili – 1 spoon

Rai – 3 spoon

Haldi - 1/2 spoon

Boiled and cooled Water – 350 to 400 ml

Method: - Boil the stalks of cauliflower separately because they take a long time to become soft. Drain out the whole water and keep it aside for cool.

Now boil all the vegetables together. Switch off the flame when they become little bit soft. Do not boil them too much. Drain out the whole water. Keep it aside for cool.


After cooling add the stalk and other vegetables in a big glass bowl. Add all spices. Mix it well. Add water in it. Mix well. Pour the whole things in a glass jar. Shake it every day. After 2-3 days you will get the tangy flavor of this pickle. Enjoy this pickle with kanji. You can take it anytime. It helps in the digestion of food.


Dr. Suman Setia (BAMS DNHE PGDHHM)

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