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Namak Pare Chaat


                                   A 2 minutes recipe - Really it takes only 2 minutes to prepare it.

This is an easy, simple & delicious snack.You can enjoy it on any festival , kitty party, birthday party  or at any time of day . Curd, green chutney,pomegranate,cashews make it  a more  nutritious and healthy snack.

Ingredients :

Namakpare – 5-7 pieces

Whipped curd – 2- 3 tbs

Hot and sweet tomato sauce – 1 tbs

Green chutney( mint and coriander)- 1 tbs

Pinch of salt

Roasted and grounded cumin seeds – 1/4th tsp

Kaju tukda- ½ tsp

Pomegranate seeds – 1 tsp

Sev – ½ tsp


Break the namak pare into large pieces and spread on serving plate. Pour the curd evenly to cover the namak pare . Now spread the hot and sweet sauce. Spread the green sauce. Sprinkle little salt and roasted cumin seeds. Garnish with kaju tukda, pomegranate seeds and sev. Serve it immediately.

This dish is so delicious and easy to make and time saving

Sure you will love it .     

Note: Namak pare  is a crunchy snack of India and Pakistan. In common language it is called 'Matar' also.

It is a ribbon-like strip of pastry seasoned with crushed black pepper, carom seeds and caraway seeds .These are  deep fried . The pastry is to be made from whole wheat flour (Atta), refined flour (Maida), semolina (Suji) etc.


                                                               Dr. Suman Setia                                                                               


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2 minutes recipe delicious snack easy snack

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