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Sahjan Flower Raita/सवांजने के फूल का रायता

03 Dec 2017

Swanjan Flower or Drumstick Flower Raita/सवांजने के फूल का रायता

Swanjan flower is found in abundance in North India in winters. It is a traditional recipe of Multan. It is very nutritious and  beneficial for our health. Specially  it is  a tonic for mal-nutritioned children and pregnant ladies. So many Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from the root, skin, leaves, flowers etc. of this plant.

Scientific name – Moringa oleifera

In Hindi language – Sahjan ke phool

In Punjabi language – Swanjan ke phool ( सवांजने के फूल)

Time  taken for preparation– 10 minutes (for 4 persons)( Boiled Sahajan flowers are ready with you)

Ingredients: -

Boiled and squeezed Swanjan flower – 50 gm

 Fresh curd – 200 gm

 Fresh and chilled milk – 100ml

 Chopped green coriander – 2 spoon

Chopped green chilly – as per taste

Normal salt – ½ tsp

Chaat masala – 1 tsp

Black pepper powder – 1/4th tsp

Roasted cumin seeds – ½ tsp

Ingredients for Tadka: -

Rai – ½ tea spoon

Cumin seeds – ½ tea spoon

Curry leaves – 10-12

Refined oil – 1 tbsp.

Method: –

1.    First of all, mash the curd in a glass bowl.

2.     Now add milk to it; Mix it well.

3.     Add Sahjan ke phool.

4.    Now add green coriander and green chilies.

5.    Add all the spices, mix it well.

For Tadka:-

1.    Add one table spoon oil in a pan. 

2.    Heat it up and add cumin seeds, Rai and curry leaves to it. Switch off the flame after crackling.

3.     Pour it on the raita and mix it well.

4.    Before serving, garnish it with green coriander.

Note :–  Soak the Swanjan flowers in water for whole night. In the morning drain out the water. Add fresh water in Swanjan flowers and boil it in pressure cooker. After one whistle lower the flame and boil it for 10-20 minutes. After boiling squeeze out extra water using your hands. In this way the bitterness of Sahjan flower will go away.

Qualities of Swanjan ke Phool :-

         It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin A, C and B complex. It has 4 times more calcium and 2 times more protein than milk.

In villages it is abundantly available at very cheap prices.  So government is planning to include it in the mid-day meal to improve the health of children.

Being rich in calcium it makes our bones strong and.

 Dr. Suman Setia (BAMS DNHE PGDHHM)

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